Who We Are

Rita at Rita4Real is a bond servant of Yeshua. She is a mom and recognizes that our families are our most important mission field. Since 2017 she hosted and produced Rita4Real radio ministry through local public radio and internet. She has led worship in different faith venues since 2017. Her family travels bringing the message of the gospel, truth, and encouragement to those they meet to walk in the authority of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. Connecting with the Body of Christ throughout the country and world. Since 2019 she has been led to minister to and with those who are survivors of SRA, MK Ultra Mind Control, trauma, and abuse. Recognizing the dire need to lift our children in their identity in Christ.  Her own story is one of the powers of healing and deliverance from some of the darkest places, the ones we were not aware. To the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. The healing and transformation journey is one that should never end that is why she promotes living biblically, clean, and natural. Our lives lived always seeking the will and face of YHVH.   She is currently completing classes for her Spring of 2022 Bachelors of Christian Ministry/Biblical Studies Degree-Minor in Alcohol and Drug Counseling. While working toward her accelerated Master of Divinity 2024.

We have a great provider that has continued to provide even in the challenging times. As we walk in obedience the provision has been given and continues. We continue to walk into the fellowship of the Holy Spirit and Truth but connected in the unity of faith. (Ephesians 4) As we walk in the truth, we are exposing the darkness. (Ephesians 5) While we expose the darkness and the chaos of the battle ragging around us, we are ready in the full armor. Praying for all the saints. Opening our mouths boldly to share the gospel. (Ephesians 6)

Our primary goal is to obey and live a life for Jesus/Yeshua. Sharing the Word on broadcasts and where we are led, across the country. Currently expanding. We minister and share worshiping in the Holy Spirit and Truth to all those seeking the face of God/Yahweh.

This includes but not limited to sharing, speaking, and worship. Always to be workers in the harvest.

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