So it has been a very busy, fun, exciting and yes, sometimes overwhelming kind of a new year so far!!!

I hope all of you are finding the light and beauty in the challenges you have been facing!

This week had frustration, tears, and even though it is night time the lights are brighter as changes continue to be part of life. I am so very grateful for Rita4Real radio show and all those listening. It is really amazing to see God work in and around our lives! Thank you to all who are, have been, and continue to contribute to this project!

Today marked a big jump for the website as the nice people at WordPress help me make the website come alive! There are so many things and almost unlimited potential. Focusing and doing one step at a time is my greatest challenge. Thank you to the great help I have experienced and Zoom. Also, to an amazing boss who allowed me to use the computer! Technology…it is not my favorite. Technology…is why there is such thing as a blog and allows me to blog. So I will continue to take a deep breathe and let God lead my steps, even with…technology.

Looking forward to sharing more of what is happening. For now, little steps in the right direction, get you home!

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