So He said to the, “This kind can come out by noting but prayer and fasting.”

Mark 9:29 — NKJV

If you have been a part of the conversations through the Sunday radio ministry on Rewind 94.3, there has multiple times been mention of health. One of the things I am passionate on is health, healthy eating, whole foods. Essential Oils, Holistic medicine over prescriptions, etc… Well one of the biggest reasons this is a pillar of conversation in my life is because of my own health. I was diagnosed with Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, actually very common, not so much diagnosed until recent years. This diagnoses came less than 2 years after my mother’s passing from complications to a stroke. It was very scary. I was not in a personal relationship with Jesus yet, His timing is perfect! Fast forward, 8 years and after no fat eating, or as much as that can be. Quitting smoking finally about July 23, 2013. Much prayer and time with the Lord, I had heard about different eating some mention of Paleo, Keto, Shepherd’s Diet, intermittent fasting, back to Keto. Now, before you think anything these prayers for direction had and have been going on for years. It was a step in faith as I was instructed to eat no fat at one time and “if” I had to eat meat…but as I studied and researched NAFLD, I only found one way of eating that reversed it, and that is Keto. Good news was I had come across a high green and cruciferous vegetables Keto that I had actually had conversations with individuals who had NAFLD reversed. Now, I still had some tough conversations with God. The toughest conversation was my oldest daughter asked, “If this doesn’t work, that will be really bad?” Yes, but Jesus. I had not started this alone. I was doing it in prayer. I am doing well and have a lot of healing on the inside, but I persevered and now I do intermittent fasting, this is where I fast for long periods, or eat only 3, 2, or 1 meal a day. This I had done specifically for my health concerns, yet in my research I found scientific proof that fasting is a physical change and almost regenerative effect on ones body! The fasting proven as a good thing, just as our creator God designed us to be! So I have developed a lifestyle of fasting but have transitioned my fasting with specific prayer intentions. I encourage you to visit this link for more information:

This article is exciting as we are sanctified by the Holy Spirit there is changing happening and although it is witnessed in actions this shows it is also physical! Just about 2 days ago saw a facebook photo it read, “A DIET CHANGES THE WAY WE LOOK, BUT A FAST CHANGES THE WAY WE SEE.” (Author not sited) So, there are a few reasons that Rita4Real is in existence today. The biggest of course is God and the plan He has for my life and my hope the life of others as I share the good news of the gospel through the salvation of Jesus Christ. But of course with out complete surrender, I work on this daily, I would not be open to what the Holy Spirit guides me to every day. This has taken and still takes practice. Just recently I felt a undeniable place of unworthiness. Of course I am a sinner, we all are, but that feeling that the enemy likes to pull on or my own mind brings up when I am going through challenges. I choose to be prayerful in these situations and to fast if it is becoming a constant thing. This time God lifted me where I was and brought clarity to the situation. Also, know God has a plan for our challenge and we can bring Him glory. A lot of my reflection in this subject brings me to think of Job. I also think of Joshua and Jesus preparing in the desert or Joseph in the pit and prison. I also, believe there is a constant spiritual battle going on until Jesus returns. He has been victorious in overcoming death as an atonement for our sins. However, there is a battle for those who have not found salvation and the enemy tries to disable those who know Jesus so they are frozen in the plan God has for them. We know that our enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. (1 Peter 5:8) So Satan, I call him the enemy because our war is not against flesh and blood but, against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. (Ephesians 6:12) In a few weeks I hope to share in this conversation again, as it is one of my favorite verses and as a new follower of Christ, just reading it would give me so much, infilling of the Holy Spirit, even today. It is worth reflecting on often. In today’s message it is a matter of warfare. That is where the subject of conversations comes from, the real enemy and the real battle that is going on daily. Now, it is a battle not necessarily seen but it happens and the Holy Spirit is working as we surrender to the things of this world. When we embrace the actions of prayer and fasting we are acknowledging the truth of the existence of spiritual realm. When we pray we are having a conversation with our creator, which is, for the most part, unseen and the mysteries our God can only be understood in faith and love. Only some can be explained through intellect and science, of course God gave us science too. Like in the article above. We see it in archaeological digs across the globe uncovering biblical truth! Faith is what creates the understanding in our life of Christ, rather then the explained. There is much we cannot explain when it comes to God it is many times illogical. The best word I have heard in this most recently is, supernatural. Now, we mention praying and fasting because this is where we surrender to the power of Jesus through the Holy Spirit. Jesus told his disciples that we must deny ourselves daily and take up our cross and follow Jesus. (Matthew 16:24) This is not a forced thing this is a choice, because once you see Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit in your life it is something to strive for out of the love of Jesus, the love we have for Him. Well, I don’t know about you but denying myself of food or things that are pleasurable is denying our flesh. Allowing the Holy Spirit to build us in the spirit, to sanctify us and to bring us closer to God. I don’t know if you are reading this and have experienced prayer and fasting in your life. I know that it was something that I have had to pray about. But it was something that God had slowly brought me into as a friend shared she was doing 12 hour fast for an up coming retreat. It was also something I had pondered in the season of lent in my youth growing up in the Roman Catholic church. God also has brought prayer into my life as a continuous conversation, as much as I will allow Him to be a part of my life. We are brought to specific deeper prayer and time with the Lord when brought in the direction of fasting. As it is preparing for things to come, answers and it gives clarity. There are many resources you can google for Christian fasting. Another Facebook post from Pastor Reg Morais was simple yet powerful, “Fasting and Prayer is a key to the supernatural.” Depending on your fasting your outcome will be and there are many kinds of fasting. I have heard and experienced a technology fast, that is a great start for some. But it is something to seek spiritual leadership in from a pastor or ministry leader. I ask that you talk to your leadership about fasting if you are not as familiar. Look to the living, breathing word of God for guidance and spend time with God for what He wants you to do. The Holy Spirit brings us to different understanding for the unique and individual journeys we are on. I see where some of my, not so great situations and challenges in life have truly brought me right to my knees to God in His inner room, His throne room, to be nearer to Him. I pray the love of Christ in your life. If you already know Him, I pray you are the reflection of Christ’s light for those around you to see the clear light of the Holy Spirit. May your day continue on the path God has for you. I pray for strength in the struggles and challenges. May you be filled but the Holy Spirit and continue to seek the deeper and closer relationship with Jesus.

Love, peace and truth,


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