She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.

Proverbs 31:27 — NIV

Has your child ever shared their dream with you. Then stuck to it for over five years? Well I have two amazing daughters and my youngest turned 10 this past November. My oldest turned 12 on the 23rd. My youngest, since before she was 5, has firmly stated she hoped to be a baker. She went as far to give her bakery a name and together we discussed the ideas she had for a name, as well as what kind of goodies, breads or pastries she looked forward to serving. In fact, both of them sat down drawing signs and logos one day about 3 years ago. Since moving back to Monroe there have been a few times that I had mentioned that we could look into our local Farmers Market to put some of these ideas into action. At the end of 2018 this mom finally put some action to her words. So, starting January 6th we have been enjoying our Saturday mornings from 7AM-Noon at the Monroe Farmers Market. Other then being ill last week we have made a commitment to being regular weekly vendors. This means my 10 year old and I make amazing fresh muffins every Friday that will be ready to go on Saturday. My oldest keeps a stock of homemade gemstone beaded bracelets that include oil diffusing charcoal beads to be engaged and participate. As our family of 3 takes this journey together. Now, as a mom, radio host, building ministry outreach through music and attempting to provide for my family, I come across challenges. However, some of my challenges have been from not building a core value around basic life skills. Some of these are household chores, finances and entrepreneurial opportunities. So at a young age we have been working for sometime on household chores and balancing our academics. Although, this is real and we are not perfect, both girls show their strengths and areas we need to build on. They have been reliable enough to make this mom feel confident in the time and effort to allow them this opportunity. These girls amaze me, especially when they are sometimes my motivation to get things done. We are a family but we are a team. So while we are at Farmers Market we sell these homemade products and have the additional opportunity to share the radio show that airs Sundays on Rewind 94.3. For about a year I have been wondering how and praying if there was a way for these amazing girls to share in the Rita 4 Real ministry. As praying and seeking God’s guidance, He has made it clear to utilize what is available or what we already have. So here we are almost a month in, these young ladies are excited and dedicated to getting up early on the weekend and going to Farmers Market. At a time that is even before they normally are at school during the week! How can I not encourage such enthusiasm? Friends I encourage you to talk to your children about what they like. What motivates them in a productive way. Is it something you can do as a family or encourage in a way that will teach them? Even, if they are young educate them in the things that they are passionate about. My oldest has had several desires. I encourage and talk to her about all of them, even the ones that seem dangerous. I educate, learn and teach about the possibilities. This allows her to be encouraged to make her own decisions. Of course my most important lessons and encouragement is for their relationship with Jesus to grow. To God be the glory, that both have accepted Jesus into their life and heart as their personal savior. Encouraging a life focused on Jesus, first. Has made other decisions easier. Some more challenging as a mom and have caused me to grow and strengthen in the process. Overall, I am confident in the love, mercy and grace of Jesus in their lives. I pray over them that they continue their journeys throughout their lives and hope that their stories and our family story will help encourage you and your family. We thank you for your time in reading today and hope we get to meet you at the Monroe Farmers Market Saturday 7AM-12PM. There are many great vendors and they would be so glad you came!

Have a blessed day brothers and sisters!

Love, peace and truth,

Rita @ Rita4Real

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