The radio ministry was just the beginning that continues. We are hoping to expand onto different media platforms. We have started to add the live and repeated radio show to YouTube weekly. We will be looking to add a pod cast style sharing that will include teaching, prayer, worship, or interviews with the other ministries and fellowship we are getting to know in our travels and conferences.

Know that you can listen live Sunday 6:00-8am and replay 10pm-midnight

Local on Rewind 94.3FM or

Music ministry had started by sharing the word and worship in nursing homes and visiting facilities to share the gospel of Jesus/Yeshua. This ministry continues as invited. We bring the word and vocals to worship. Please inquire further on the contact us page.

Prayer, healing, and deliverance is serving as the Lord leads and where we are invited to help our brothers and sisters. For more information, please complete the information on Contact us page.

Speaking, sharing, and teaching is where we are invited to share the light of Jesus Yeshua. This includes nutrition and natural living in accordance with scripture. Always led by heavenly Abba and his truth.  Or if there is something you, your ministry, or small group are being led to share. Please feel free to reach out with more details on the Contact us page.

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Collaboration and connection through the Holy Spirit is one of the greatest gifts in growing and strengthen in this ministry. As iron sharpens iron, we are all growing and being strengthened. (Psalm 27)

We would like to encourage you to support our brothers and sisters and connect as heavenly Abba leads.

Please feel free to connect and reach out with other ministries as we believe in connecting with the brothers and sisters in this time for how the Lord is leading.
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