What an amazing growing and learning week this has been!

Have you ever had to relearn how to go about your everyday life? Have you asked God to guide you in what he wants you to do? HashHe answered you by completely changing around what you knew to be efficient in your day and then make it something new?

Well, I have been given a great opportunity to help people and create an income. It is flexible yet demanding. I am on call 24/7. I have an excellent employer. I am learning how to do something new. Completely out of my comfort zone and all that I thought to be true in certain aspects of life are being completely altered. All for the good, all for better things, and definitely directed by the boss, God. It is where I am glad to be growing and learning sooooo much. However, wow! I guess I just didn’t know how much more I would be changing in ways I didn’t even know I can! I am so extremely grateful! What has been such an amazing new experience, has not slowed down my wonderful girls!

Now, through Rita4Real on the radio, I share some times and experiences with two of my greatest blessings! Although there has been a constant changing and learning of what we were doing, these tenacious tweens are keeping up in their studies and their own self-development! Really? But they are so young?! Really! They are that awesome! Now I am bias, but what parent is not bias about how amazing their children are? Right? Right! This past October my amazing little Alexias received the Student of the month award for Respect. Now the week of her birthday my oldest, Antonia has received the student of the month award for perseverance, 2 years in a row! The look on her last years teachers face communicating with her current 5th grade teacher was priceless and made me not only tear up but realize just how amazing these two little humans are. Then this simply spectacular mom that I had the wonderful pleasure in meeting says some very kind and complementary words that made me very proud. She was there as her daughter was going to be honored with this award for her class also. When this little girl went up and the teacher’s recommendations was read, I teared up again. Here this mom commented on my daughter and yet I was listening to how her daughter had to be in a wheel chair at the beginning of the year and had surgeries the past summer on her arm and leg. She worked her way to running and playing with the other children at recess! My heart was so overwhelmed I didn’t know what to say, so I had a short conversation with God and turned to this mom and all I could say, was, “She is amazing!”

My experiences as a mom with my children has shown me gratitude and learning in such a way that even with all the hustle and moving that I have been experiencing lately, God had me right where he wanted me! I was able to experience the joy for my child’s accomplishments and yet here I was sharing in gratitude with another mom! It was a very unique experience. I so grateful to spend these moments with my girls over the last two years. There is so much that has happened and blessings that have been poured out allowing these moments. I sometimes have to remind myself that God has put me in this unique situation in life to live a life for his glory. I am so grateful to be that servant, that person, and that mom! I hope you see the blessings in the moments God places you. Never forget that you have a very important part in God’s plan!

So even thought it is no longer Friday and it is really early Saturday, I hope you each had a FANTASTIC FRIDAY! Now have a SENSATIONAL SATURDAY! May your weekend be full of wonder and blessings!

Share in your gratitude today by reaching out to someone who together you have shared in one of life’s moments.

Love ,peace, and truth I pray for each of you friends!

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